Notes To Choose For a 12 Bar Blues (Easy RH Improvisation Tips)

By popular request I filmed this tutorial exploring my easy go-to ideas a pianist may play over a medium-up tempo jazz blues in the key of F:

The original tutorial shown below was meant to be simply a lesson on a LH device called The Bud Powell Shell. Many of you then asked if I could share what RH “licks” I was using on my video, Improvising 28 Bars of Blues. 

I looked back and analyzed the ideas my RH originally improvised – broke them down, and explained the key note choices plus devices I used throughout the short 28 Bars of Blues video. All of these right hand tips are explained in great detail in the Notes To Choose For a 12 Bar Blues tutorial video above.

This tutorial video below focuses on the LH Shell device:


For further study look into 2 of my book/audio improvisation methods: Amazing Phrasing – Keyboard & The Aspiring Jazz Pianist. Both are loaded with tips on playing the blues, plus come with digital download tracks to encourage improvisation skills while playing along with a back up band!


Got The Blues? Tips on How To Play a Slow Blues in G

It’s over 100º outside, we are all getting a bit bored with “socially distancing”, and let’s face it – today is a great day to learn to play a very slow, hot, blues.

This tutorial came together after giving several of my online piano students tips on the basic 12 bar blues, common blues endings/turnarounds, typical jazz blues substitutions – plus my “covid bubble hubby” music partner and I had just performed a live Zoom concert from our home studio to friends’ living rooms across the country in their own “covid bubbles.” Continue reading “Got The Blues? Tips on How To Play a Slow Blues in G”