The Old Rugged Cross: Old School Hymn Played Gospel Style with Sunday Mash-Up

Ever notice how certain old hymns have chords and candences like other familiar tunes? (Especially the ones in 3/4 time can sound like Irish or Country Waltzes, Holiday Hits, or early American Songs.) I was MONKeying around with this request for The Old Rugged Cross, getting ready for a memorial service, when I kept getting distracted by other tunes which sounded similar.

Have a listen, and check out the Typical Gospel-Style Ending attached: IV – iii – ii – I (or in the key of Bb this translates to: Eb, Dm or Bb/D, Cm, Bb. Walk back up and down as many times as The Spirit Moves you! Explore chord inversions in your RH for variety. You could call this mash-up “Blue Monk-Rugged Cross-Silver Bells-at Home on the Range”. BTW, after exploring all this I played The Old Rugged Cross respectfully straight for the service, just so you know!

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