3 Easy Tips: Playing With Minor Chords

Bored with that minor chord? Don’t be! Making music in minor keys can be quite exhilarating with these 3 fun and easy tips. All you need is a bit of time to move around on a minor chord – then you can add colorful sounds to your arrangement.

The next 3 videos explain everything to start exploring the ideas. Apply the following tips to a tune of your choice in a minor key, or choose a piece which has a minor chord lasting 2 bars or longer. You may also elect to work on the many song suggestions demonstrated in the body of these tutorial videos:

Easy Tip #1 (Moving the Bottom Note Down)

Easy Tip #2 (Moving the Top Note Up)

Easy Tip #3 (Moving Chords Up Scale Degrees 1 – 2 – 3)

Many instrumentalists will find these tips to be quite useful – either for arranging the melody to a tune or comping during solos – Keyboardists, Guitarists, Bassists (since the tips also highlight the bass line movement). Horn Players and Singers can think about arpeggiating the ideas presented during their improvised solos over the chords outlined in this tutorial.

Plans for the next article will feature Easy Tips #4 (parts A, B, C), where I will present additional left hand devices for piano/keyboard. All of my tips are designed to give a rich sound for pianists – even those with small hands 😉 Enjoy exploring the many options we have in minor keys!

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